Stuart McMillan

Leadership in Ecommerce.

I'm Stuart McMillan, I'm a Senior Ecommerce and Digital Strategy Consultant and I want to help you grow your digital business.

I work for Astound Commerce, a global ecommerce agency, in their London-based consultancy team. My role is to work with a range of large clients to help them identify their digital growth opportunities. I have been working in digital for 20 years, and ecommerce for most of them. For the last 10 years I've held senior digital leadership positions within retail, previously I was Head of Multichannel at Tiso Group and prior to that, Head of Ecommerce (Optimisation) at Schuh.

Before that I was a manager and senior developer for AllSaints, helping to establish a brand-new development and QA team, and prior to that I worked as a senior developer at a digital agency.

My main areas of focus are user experience, conversion rate optimisation, ecommerce process optimisation, digital analytics and website performance.

I've spoken nationally and internationally on various subjects related to the optimisation of websites, from data analytics to mobile-first, from site speed to site redesign. I approach User Experience holistically, the experience starts before they land on your website and continues beyond the checkout.

I fight for the users.

Let's have a conversation, email me at

Current Blog Post

In one capacity or another, I have been looking at website page speed for over 10 years. This post is a look back at that journey as well as some top tips you could action to improve your site. It is also a bit of a rant about how websites should never have gotten slow in the first place 10 years of fast websites. I also recently attended Performance Now conference, in Amsterdam, here are my notes from the two days.