Stuart McMillan

Work History

You can download my CV here: Stuart_McMillan_CV.pdf

  1. Senior Strategy Consultant, Astound Commerce
    🗓 October 2022 to Present

    I have just started, so will expand this over time!

  2. Head of Multichannel, Tiso Group
    🗓 August 2019 to September 2022

    P&L responsibility for the ecommerce website as well as the end-to-end digital customer journey. I lead a team of ten to deliver a customer experience which matches the outstanding experience in our stores. I work closely with colleagues across the business to ensure that the website delivers for the stores as well as for my own P&L.

    I am also responsible for the business-wide customer service department.

  3. Head of Ecommerce (optimisation), Schuh
    🗓 February 2019 to August 2019

    Responsibilities as below, but with greater focus on UX and the strategic roadmap. The Digital Design function also reported in to me.

  4. Deputy Head of Ecommerce, Schuh
    🗓 August 2012 to January 2019

    Responsible for the day-to-day ecommerce operation, including digital marketing, on-site editorial, web analytics, site development and testing as part of a team of 35. In this role I needed to ensure that we are fit to trade today as well as providing more strategic guidance as to the direction of travel. I was the backstop that ensures that every project is as good as it can be in the time available. My contribution helped make Schuh one of the UK’s leading multichannel ecommerce websites, which regularly benchmarks well.

  5. Ecommerce Operations Manager, AllSaints Retail
    🗓 December 2011 to August 2012

    Expanding my role within the company, I moved more in to a business focused role, although still very much involved in the technical day-to-day running of the website:

    • Responsible for a test team of three.
    • Responsible for all hosting infrastructure for the site.
    • Leading a continuing user experience project.
    • Responsible for increasing efficiency within ecommerce, including:
      • Customer Service.
      • Order Fulfilment.
      • Merchandising and content creation.
  6. Senior Developer, AllSaints Retail
    🗓 January 2010 to December 2011

    • Responsible for the support team, responding to unscheduled demand as well as planned improvements.
    • Responsible for the quality and stability of all the releases to the live site.
    • Gathering requirements from the business and planning development work, setting expectations within the business. Many of the improvements were thought of by me, I then championed these within the business, which then allowed me to have these developed
    • Analysing existing processes within the business to identify and implement improvements; I was involved in new features, usability improvements, SEO enhancements as well as driving a number of key process improvements with the order lifecycle.
    • Data mining for various stakeholders, including customer database segmentation for marketing purposes as well as proposing strategies for the usage of the data.
    • Dealing with various third parties, from affiliates, to couriers, to fraud prevention specialists and payment gateways.
  7. Senior Developer, DriveBusiness Ltd
    🗓 March 2008 – January 2010

    Drivebusiness was one of the UK’s largest web development agencies. I was the senior developer in the largest of the development groups within DriveBusiness, overseeing 12 developers working for the largest client, AllSaints. My main responsibilities included:

    • Engaging with clients to develop ideas on enhancing their sites.
    • Gathering client requirements and analysing how best to develop the solution.
    • Cost estimation and allocation of work between developers.
    • Day-to-day support of client websites.
    • I was involved in all aspects of the AllSaints website, rolling out the site in 5 languages, major improvements to the order fulfilment process, launch of the US operation, vast improvements to the CMS as well as improvements in site stability and performance.
  8. Information Systems Manager, Lab901
    🗓 December 2006 – March 2008

    Lab901 is an innovator in the field of DNA analysis. I was hired to produce an intranet solution to gather data from their production facility for quality control and traceability purposes:

    • Process analysis.
    • Systems development.
    • IT support.
  9. Shop Manager/IT Development, Aktive8
    🗓 August 2001 – December 2006

    Aktive8 was a small outdoor retailer in Edinburgh. I was jointly responsible for the shop and ecommerce website. At one point the company had five shops, for which I developed a real-time stock and sales system. The system provided an in-depth suite of sales analysis tools.