Stuart McMillan


This is a brand new website, but a few years ago I used to do a bit of blogging. This is me getting back to it, even if in a modest fashion.

My intention is to mostly focus on ecommerce, customer experience, usability and digital leadership, however I have some other non-digital topics on my list to cover. Work is just part of the complete picture of us, I'm not sure the phrase "work/life balance" is particularly helpful; we don't stop living when we are at work. I apply the same energy and attention to detail at work as I do at home. My DIY skills extend to my work life, I like to be able to be able to walk-the-walk as well as talk-the-talk.

Creative writing is also a great habit to establish, I would closely align it with my conference speaking sessions. Clarity of thought is essential as well as an empathy for the reader/listener.

Recent topics

  1. Latest Post

    10 Years of improving page speed A history of the work I have done over the years to produce some exceptionally fast websites, plus a bit of a rant about why they got slow in the first place.

  2. Previous Post

    A summary of my first 6 months of progress as a runner. Progress, stats, injury and recovery. It has been a life-changing 6 months, going from a bit fat to a bit fit.

  3. How I lost 14kg, my weight loss tips I started running 6 months ago, with the intention of getting fit and also losing a bit of weight. I have documented my journey so far, going from being overweight to athletic.

  4. 10 Tips for ecommerce CVs and Interviews I have done a lot of recruiting over the years, reviewed countless CVs and conducted hundreds of interviews. Here are some of my top tips on how to get your CV noticed and chosen for interview, and then how to succeed in the interview.

  5. How I accidentally became a runner. While most of my blog posts are about websites, user experience and ecommerce, I plan to talk about some non-digital topics too. I decided to start running in my forties, and in this blog I share my experiences as well as some tips if you're thinking about starting running in middle age. I would actually say that my running experience is not entirely dissimilar to optimising a website. I have been methodical and I have used data.

  6. All about this website. I talk about why it is a new site (basically an excuse as to why I haven't had it in place sooner) and why I think having your own personal website is useful if you work in digital. I also cover what my success criteria were when I built it, as well as some of the tools I have used to ensure I met those criteria. There is also a deeper dive in to some of the technical elements of the site, for those interested.